This is War! At The Peace Center in Greenville, SC 08/05/17

After a restful day off in Greenville with a fabulous Band and Crew meal..Hibachi style! 

Steve calls a toast to Jimmy for all his hard work steering the tour on a steady course! 

3 cheers for Jim!

So we're at the penultimate gig already.. and leaving the hotel isn't as straightforward as we'd like..

This was taken on my second attempt,  on the first the elevator door wouldn't close...

We do finally get there and the theatre feels very theatrical, so much so Phlip just manages to avert himself from another random Philhouette..

We're early for load in and as there's no in house catering we find a terrific burger house around the corner.. and then it's time to build!

Time for Richard to have new skins.. Cal gets straight to the point..

Hank helps get a focus to the Pars.. I get my hands dirty too with this 'bounce' focus..

Jose mellows into soundcheck, ahead of the curve..

We have some issues with moving lights that the main house guy couldn't figger it out!

Thankfully his no.2 was a big help and we manage to get things set just in time!

As we can see the bounce work..kind of.. but the bar seems a little off centre.. hmmm too late now!

Thankfully the music is too good and no one seems to notice..

Great set tonight Miss Lilly!

Post Lilly I've just time to pop and see Cal..

Now he finally has Barleycorn Tee's, will my joke work???

That's a resounding no... 

But the show is a blinder!

Oh yes!


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