St. Augustines Amphitheatre. St. Augustine FL 05/05/17

So here we are captured in the glory of stop frame, a rather humid load in done..

And fun times on line check as the crew are in high spirits.

Whilst Crew are working hard setting the stage, the band take the opportunity to visit a local 'Gator Park..  

Soundcheck soon comes around ... 

 Lilly has her band joining her for the next few gigs so Brendoni check monitors levels..

 Welcome, from left to right:- Klaus, Jeremy, Lilly and Steo..

Jose gets some pre show practice for a phone off - his technique differs a bit..Can he beat Brendoni? 

 So with the Amphitheater in the middle of a state park, Phlip and I go for a pre-show wander...

 And we stumble across an old Spanish Quarrie..With St. Augustine  the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement within the borders of the continental United States, established 1565, this is some real history folks!

I've been rocking up every show and asking in an American accent if he has any Barleycorn shirts in Extra small... Usually I get no response from anyone except Cal..

Today the guy in the blue shirt giggles and replies 'Oh that's good!'..

  And a quick pre-show snap as Paul gets his David Banner on!

And the kids go wild... what a great gig...and soon we're loaded out.

Thank you St.Augustine Amphitheater.


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