Rich man in Virginia - Carpenter Theater Richmond, VA 02/05/17

Waking up on the bus can sometimes be really disorientating..

'Where am I' asks Paul.. 'U R Downtown' says I.

Phone JaM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Budski vs MC Brendoni

Yesterday's defeated contender DJ Jet Poe brushes up on his game..

Cal gets Richards kit set up in a blur....

Cassey gets into the Genie whilst Curtis and Terry get her in the air to focus lights.

Soundcheck and Steve arrives early and gets his Timbale groove on!

Helping out on stage and FOH is Sean and Phil with Brian (not pictured)

The venue have treated the band to luxury chocolates all wrapped up like Christmas!

And a kicking show is heartily enjoyed by the kids..

Time to get to Cal at merch and help pack up so we can ride on to a day off...

We get out at a truck stop for some authentic Virginian fun!

Hats on lads! Selfie with Edwin...

And even Daddy-Daughter team represent...


Pip Helix said…
Hat shopping photos are classic! ;-)

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