In Between Dates.. Raleigh NC to Jackson Florida 03-04/05/17

As we arrive in Raleigh, we say our goodbyes to JT and send him and his lovely wife our good luck for their forthcoming birth x

Today I'm hooking up with an old friend, whom I have not seen for over 10 years..

John has been over here for about 8 years, amongst other things coaching soccer at Duke.. 

We hit the fabulous Harry's 
Guitar Shop and say hi to my good friend Mike and we catch up over coffee.

 And then on to lunch at The Pit, where we enjoyed this feast and had the joy of a complimentary Banana pudding -Yummy!!

Johnny then calls ahead to SoundPure studios in Durham to get a look at some tasty axes!

Eddie treats us well and I fall in love with this beautiful John Suhr Classic TS.. oooh, can I crowd fund for this?.

Eddie relays me a story about a friend of his who thinks he knows Steve and calls him up whilst with Mr. Winwood so he can say hi!

Apparently Eddie's friend has his wires crossed and it's Bruce Hornsby that Eddie know's...
Fun times indeed!

Johnny and I end up at Motorco, featured venue for Moogfest, however we're way too early, starts 18th May.. 

So a coke for him and beer to help console this and the fact that the guitar is still in the store.

As he has to work I end up chatting with Johnathon (Traffic fan) and his Daughter Helen ( studying for her Masters), waiting for my Uber back. 

Always amazes me how friendly and welcoming Americans are..

Back at the hotel Phil has landed and we all welcome his return!

Day 2 and we wake in Jacksonville, Florida.. 

Phlip & Lilly and I catch a ride to JAX beach..

The wind is high and there's a chance of rain.. 

We leave the beach after a nice swim and sand blast..

We meet up with Cal and Steve and hit the mean streets...

Then the storm hits.. Chance of rain?? 

It was torrential!!

What a great couple of days..


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