Fox in the Woods - Foxwoods 28/04/17

With a short 'drive by Snowman' after Boston, we all pile into our hotel rooms and sleep until day break..

With dawn's fresh sunshine we are welcomed by a large expanse of forest..

We are obviously deep in the reservation!

A bite of breakfast and the crew meet on the bus, in the loading dock.. to formulate our game plan!

Brendoni gets serious on our failing coffee machine, a real priority for us coffee dependent crew! 

And load in soon comes with a few familiar faces on the crew..

Jet Poe is back in and on! 

Time to change some strings....

Whilst Mr W himself, gets all serious on tone..

Lilly gets her Star Dressing room..ready for another smashing performance!

And the fans are treated to a cracking gig by the guv'nor!!


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