A little time for washing then Washingto(w)n..? Warner Theater DC 01/05/17

A day off in DC, time to get washing done in Washington!

A little after Brendoni and I take the short walk in the humid weather to see the White House..

Here he is holding the seat of power in his tiny hand!

When we arrive it appears there's a bunch wheelies there already...

Boy is the White House shiny...

We finish our day with a fine Chet Steadman at the Commodore Pub..

Best damn chicken burger I ever did done!

So after a fine nights rest we hiot the loading dock and get ready for another show..

Production Office has a sweet view today!

Phone Jam!!!!!

DJ JEt Poe vs MC Brendoni......

And soundcheck is on....

Miss Lilly is in fine form!

With the Jimmy happy with the sound it's off to find catering..lost?

Seems like I've found the Chorus rooms and someone has been saving all their kisses ....

The labyrinthine passages take me to the dressing rooms at last.. 


And I find these guys Waiting for me..

And Showtime!

Bud sit's up front to catch the show...

And what a treat - another rowdy crowd and great gig!!


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