A Funfest at Sunfest, West Palm Beach. FL 07/05/17

It's never good to have to get up super early for work..

But sunrise in West Palm beach makes for a beautiful backdrop for a 7 a.m. load in..

Jimmy takes time to capture the moment.

And before we know it the truck is open and the carpets are placed.. 

Although the wind has other ideas as to where it should go..

Bud to the rescue with orange gaff! 

Phlip get's all creative on said gaff.. 

'Weight!' says Cal.. 

'Don't you mean wait' says Brendoni..

with the final tweaks we run a line check and then roll the risers and Hammond to the back of the stage.. 

With it now around 9.40 am my first thought is to go back to bed... 

Until Paul suggests the beach.....

When in Florida do as the Floridians!

We all get to swim in the ocean and dry off on the beach...

A quick game of Rock–Paper–Scissors before an Uber ride back to grab lunch and that nap!

And sure enough it's 5.30 before we know it.. 


Catering today is peopled by volunteers who do an awesome job and make us feel really welcome.

Roadie Showtime.... 

Richard and Edwin gets their respective stations in order ready for the roll forward after 
St.Paul and the Broken Bones finish their fabulous set.. 
what a soul-filled set it was!

And it's showtime! 

With the sun lighting the stage I get chance to grab a couple of shots from side stage..

Jimmy has his work cut out today as the front of house sound at any festival can be challenging.

The kids seem to be enjoying themselves..

Edwin captures a Steve eyes view of the gig...

And what a cracking gig it was too!


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