'Twas the night before Tour and all in the house... 18/04/17

Was quiet, whilst  I sat and drank to make ready myself...

I'd visited the Studio to meet the new boys - this one's called Phil he like's his fresh toys!

While the band played on superbly embedding a new - His name is just  Edwin and his Congas will give you a clue.

Your Humble narrator sat playing with lights - helped along nicely with Sam and then Bo.

But look here's young Cal with his foot all a swell, it will of course repair, when we hit the East Coast.

Roscoe oh Roscoe a favourite of yore, came up to capture Mr Winwood of course...

Bang out a groovy so incredibly fine..

But steering the Ship is Jimmy McT, pushing faders whilst Brendan Makes the Tea

And it's all wrapped up tight in a bright yellow bag.. 

To bed to bed and on with the Tour!


MissGlad said…
I see you didn't waste any time...well done! ;-)
Anonymous said…
break a leg dude...:))) keep up the posts..

Pip Helix said…
Happy to have you and your blog back!

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