The Space, the space! Westury, NY 20/04/17

Time to wake up and smell the coffee! 

With no time for jet-lag we check out, jump on the bus and ride to the gig.. 

Today will be busy!

At the venue,which you remember from 2015's tour, we meet our new trucker Bud, welcome aboard Sir..

Brendon 'Murray' gets straight into it with some liquorice entanglements.

Edwin Sanz, hot out of Switzerland, hoofs it into place on percussion.

Richard, gets eerily a-head of himself on the kit.

And Cal gets a little Shirty in merch .. 

Phlip get in guitar tech mode with a few pointers from Steve to help.

And its soon time for sound check with me sat behind the venue's lighting console.

And its time for Miss Lilly to check, sounding great 'lil lady!

Just time to grab a sandwich and doors are open!


The kids go wild!

Tour has really begun and in style...


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