Beacon of light! NYC 21/04/17

Back in NYC and a walk through Central Park to the venue...

Tipping time and Bud gets the tail lift going so these guys can work their rapid magic..

After a swift load in and set up I sit with house LD, Mark. 5 years since we were here and he's not running a Avolites Pearl anymore.. Remember 2012?

We sit and run through his new console and set today's salt and pepper show.. 

Lilly's right hand and partner in crime Clinton making stuff happen.

In a feat of genius he manages to sort take out from a fancy local restaurant for the crew..whilst receiving an unhealthy dose of abuse from the staff.... We loves ya Clinty  !

Meanwhile in the Production Office, James has a visit from his fiance, Emma Jane..

And it's almost show time..the auditorium begins filling. .. Emma Jane get refused at the bar for appearing  under 21! An easy mistake.. She has an awesome time rocking out!

And bringing a new level to Higher Love, Lilly Joins Steve on stage much to everyone's delight..

And with load out almost complete the Crew assemble in the lobby to wait for the merch box..

Another day done!


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