Fox Theatre - Atlanta, Georgia..01/05/15

And it's May Day.. however there'll none of this in Atlanta today..

Nor will we see Morrismen neither.

Just plain old southern hospitality.. and a conversation to set the world straight!

With the enlighten local crew of the fabulous Fox theater!

Tori makes a ghostly sappearance on stage in preparation for the load in..

Cafe finds his way to the dressing room... following the letter of the Fire Marshall!

The backstage contains signed photos from the original foyer... 

Miss Lilly spots a few familiar faces including the Welsh embassador, Mr. Tom Jones

Tonights show is being opened by none other tha Randall 'Last Great Traffic Jam' Bramblett.

I have not previously had the pleasure to have met this talented multi-instrumentalist.

His name has been known to me since the beginning of my time with Mr. Winwood.. 
Not as himself but as a road case!

So I tell he, himself that I have pushed him all over the world, tipped him,thrown him and stuffed him full of gear.. 
Thankfully Randall Bramblet (the man), laughs 

It was a pleasure to put a face and sound to the name.. and their set is a blinder!

No the crowd ready themselves for the Guv'nor.

And the kids are upstanding for pretty much the whole gig!!

Awesome show.


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