Two nights at the Historic Capital Theatre, Port Chester, NY 24-25/04/15

And so we hit the historic Capitol theater in Port Chester for a series of 2 gigs.

It looks very like the local crew know a thing or two about whats important too!

These enigmatic doors appear on every floor..curious. 

Just time for a quick bite before sound check..

Num num Pizza sandwich mumbles Bo.

Traffic played here back in 1970 and quite recently the venue has been refurbished with  not only a really cool lighting rig but also a projectionist to provide animated visuals within the auditorium itself.

Miss Lilly gives the thumbs up as the eager fans make a bee line to fill up with merchandise.

Look it's a top down view of the stage , all is finally apparent with the myserious 'shaftway' doors.. 

And the sound of Steve Winwood fills the theater after 45 years..

You can bet the kids went wild!

 Day 2

This is the first time we've seen sunshine on this tour so with an early arrival Paul and Snowman catch some rays!

Meanwhile Miss Lilly gets herself  a little something to eat..

With the stage already set from yesterday we jump into sound check.. 

 Bang tidy! Jose gets the point...

And who's this familiar face alongside Jimi?

That's right Bobby Long - back to open tonight's show..

Just enough time for Bo to smoke a fag....

And it's almost show time - another sell out!

There they are, band and audience rocking out to a most splendid and psychedelic rendition of 
Dear Mr. Fantasy!! Aided and abetted by Bo's lights and Scott's fabulous projections..

The curtain falls and the band and crew say good night...


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