From rehearsals to spring tour - in one! -16/04/15

And so rehearsals begin for the Super Spring Winwood tour!

Lilly Winwood Joins us to cover merch as our Joe has left to pursue a career in educational support!

Bo looks even more like Grizzly Adams whilst Jimi T rocks the faders!

Meanwhile little Edith Jervis has her first taste of rehearsals and boogies to Medicated Goo!

Afterwards Gabriel J takes the opportunity to get a few drumming tips from uncle Richie.

And a couple of weeks later we're all packed up ready for a quick hop across the ocean.

Mr. Booth, Bo and young Thomas hit the bar at Heathrow for a pre flight cocktail... and we're airborne before we know it!

And we've made it!!

Celebrating the fact with copious amounts of Devil's Advocate Widow Maker IPA..


Anonymous said…
Pip Helix says:Glad to see you back!
It's sooo good to hear from you again Jason!! Your kids are lucky to have such great "uncles".

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