The Filmore, Silver Spring,MD 12/12/13

And so we've gone south for second solo gig...

The hands are a great bunch and we're in and set up before we can say Maryland state line!

Whilst we're a long way from 'Frisco there's a vibe to the place that hints at it's heritage of the original.

Even Bo feels it and dons on his tie-die... whilst Joe pays homage to Manchester, UK.

The fresh and  fabulous Cris Jacobs is our local support tonight.. hear him here

And the vibe backstage is happening!

Eeek!! A set list creeps up on me on my way to front of house... 

And my light show has a very pyche flavour with help and thanks to house LD Marty..

The gig is  a storm!! The roof was raised a good few hundred feet!

And here they are Along with JT and Joe and Gareth ( hanging out in the back).

With the truck all packed and Gareth's tail lights fading into the chilly night air we hit the dressing rooms to clear out.

We just have time to leave a little of ourselves too...

And onto Canada...


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