Montreal really cold, Bell Centre 14/12/13

Montreal, you chilly city you!

Without too much hesitation we go in search of Giant toy soldier...

Thankfully the garrison is just a short walk away...

Bo and Joe get cuddling immediately!

And so after a day of brief and frosty exploration it's back to work!

Kitchen Kane is ready for battle! 

George get's up and about..

Gareth and Paul get warmed up over a cupcake!

And time for lunch.. mmm tasty goodies as ever from our tour catering cuties!

Our dressing room beverages have come pre-frozen today.. nice work!

Jose makes the correct choice for his liquid refreshment...

After our corridor built fun-times, Cafe gets stuck in whilst there's the smallest hint of carnival!

And it's time to collect your hand shake from Joe.. 

Everybody lines up..

And it's all brace for show time!

Video man extraordinaire Doug gets ready...

And a rocking performance by the guys..

Uncle Richie slammin' good through his solo..What a Legend!

And who is this? 

Grown up Youngling?

Canadian Simon The Elder!!!!


Simon Young said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Simon Young said…
Blimey, if that's my future, I need to start taking better care of myself.
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