United Center, Chicago. .... 25-10- 13

Up and out to another day with Rod's tour machine!

The idiots fall out of the bus and fail to find their way.. 

Thankfully Jet led the way!

Bright sunshine and a rather chilly breeze confirm our current position..

Today it's a visit from the Hammond Surgeon Master General, Paul!

We prepare for surgery..............

Thankfully Nurse Candice is on hand to assist with the organs! 

We're also joined by another 'JT', namely John, Chuck Kentis Tech.

He's next in line for the clinic.
Idiots in search of food.....
Instead we find Band a la Stewart, loitering with intent to eat cottage pie! 

Emerson ( guitars), Dave ( Drums), Conrad( bass) and Jimmy (sax)...

 And just time to hit the bus to make hoofingly strong coffee for me and James..

But there's a strange man reading bus codes from his mobile phone trying to get onto our bus!

I tell the Bob from catering he has the wrong bus.. oh how we laughed....

 And we're on!

Uncle Richie slamming good through Rainmaker tonight!

And Steve nails can't find my way home...

For an arena gig the audience are absolutely loving Steve... 

The kids go wild!!

 Soon it's the rush to clear the stage and pack down.....

And time left to share some fine chat with Steve on the bus.

 Then I  hit the arena for a chin wag with the truely excellent Mr Mark Pritchard (left)
 and sink some grape juice!

A very blurry Jet gets photobombed by the fabulously talented J'Anna Jacoby (Violin-Mandolin)

And it's time to hit our bunks and head to the next town!


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