Old National Centre, Indianapolis 26-10-13

Good Morning Indianapolis!

 It's our last solo show and we arrive early to survey the theatre.. another opulent movie palace! 

Back at an old theatre console with a bunch of par cans and coloured gels.. nice!


Sound check goes well and the telecaster, freshly equipped with a fishman pickup,
has settled in and is sounding great!

Jet gets clicking with his Lumix... nice work!
And soon enough it's time for doors.. 

The lucky queue for the last items of merch and banter from the boys!

This is our last show with Michael and proves to be a good one..

In an unrehearsed moment of comedy Michael requests I raise the house lights so he can share the vista on Instagram..

I obliges after first dimming the stage to black.. good vibes..

Whilst James sends copious amounts of delay to his monitors... good times!
The band hit the stage and the place is vibing from the off !!

James has his work cut out thanks to being so far under the balcony he cant hear the speakers!

The crowd take the roof off and the band are playing super hot... 

Thank you Indianapolis! 


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