Travel days and special ways. 16-08-13

So How witwn away off the hotel batigrounded So we stumble into a van with Heathrow our destination...

The Badonde Idiots  shopping for Bhindian Bhiskey At Heathrow.

And finally at gate 26 the gang's All here...
However Paul seems less than pleased by Joe's amorous advances.
 'Get off The Booth' he screams at the top of his lungs!

Little did we expect to be grounded thanks to a passenger in need of medical assistance. ..

By the grace of Apollo we made our connecting flight in time to hook up with Mr. John Fields.

John takes us to The Bistrol where we eat, drink and are entertained by a wicked duo.

Bizarrely enough this is the guy wrote the bay watch theme!

And soon its time for bed...


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