Louisville Kentucky 21-10-13

After our no show fun times at Max Lagers in Atlanta its time for our first solo gig over in Kentucky!

Joe starts the day despairing over West Broms recent performance. Bo finds this hilarious however.
And it's an opulent theatre, apparently it used to be a Cinema!
You can see why the Americans refer to them as Movie Palaces...
Things start flowing nicely to sound check and  get back to the manual focus of lights!
Golden Ears hits FOH and starts the task of fine tuning the PA system!

 Just to give you an idea of the venue......
Here's a wide shot at sound check.
Idiots at Merch....
Tonight's crowd.. soon to be enjoying Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.
And the crowd go wild!! The roof is raised.... and they're treated to a fine set!
James gets the goods at the end of the night... Kentucky's finest!!
It sure goes down smooth too!
Good night..... 


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