Greensboro Coliseum 16-10-13

After a night of rest the Idiots Assemble.. 
Bo looks just dandy!

With a spring in our step we hit the loading dock and get to work. 

We get the stage and after a few trips with the fork lift we're at sound check.

Joelocirapture spotted just off the loading dock. 

Luckily for us it had just eaten... tater tots and chicken strips!

And it's show time! 
The band crank it up and  boss rises effortlessly to the occasion.

Bo, Joe and I creep side stage to catch a bit of the Rod... 

He tips his hat to Steve and band and warns us of some impending film 
footage of them both from 1963....

Just time to stop and relax with the gang.... 

John Fields stops by along with Jose's god daughter and her beau.

And then bed! Good night Greensboro.


baz3333 said…
Was the footage with Steve in white shoes??

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