Saratoga Springs a Deluxe Edition! 28/08/13

Up and off the bus Steve locates the Spring!

Paul booth takes a call from Crystal whilst Kevin#1 sits on the dock of the loading bay...

Todays 'Poe's in the Truck' features Joe!

And it's time for Roadie'lympics.. 

Toss the Glove on the cables...

And Matthew gets it up there with a thumb hang for bonus points!

And it's a dark enough shed to get a light show!!

Now please 'Gimme Some Lovin'

Tonights Allman's set features all member of the Steve Winwood Band...!!

                          First up is Neto grinding hard on his guitar on 'Who's been Talking'.

With Cafe on Conga and Richie on Timbale!

The Guvnor gets up and sings 'I Found Love' and 'The Weight'.

Next up is Mr Booth joined by Richie on Drums.. for 'The Same Thing'.

And we hightail it out of there double quick!

The road is long to North Carolina....


Anonymous said…
Pip Helix says:
Very amusing photo of Steve and Bo "locating the spring". I'm also enjoying this tour's "Poe in the Box" feature. Your posts are much appreciated.

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