Raleigh the Men! 29/08/13

So with many miles under our belt, Melvin pulls up outside our hotel around lunchtime.

Here we're welcomed warmly by JT's Mum, it been a while!

It's a dump and run exercise as JT wants to take the crew to stock up and also to visit some of his favourite places..

So we eat well at Mami Nora's and get tour supplies from the best independent drum store for miles, 2112!!

JT drops Bo, Joe and yours truly at the great Cafe Helios within a stones throw of
 an awesome guitar store..

Harry's Guitar Shop.. Wicked store, excellent staff... go visit!

We then catch the free bus back to the hotel and Bo, Paul and I hit the gym...

Then it's OakCity7!! 

A Free Music Festival with local beers on the same street as the hotel.

This is too much and Bo, Joe, Paul, Rich and I get stuck in!

Later Mr. and Mrs W. join us for beer and a boogie!

What a great day.. 

Thanks Raleigh <3 p="">



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