Gilford without U, New Hampshire 27/08/

So we all get on the bus in Boston to get up to Gilford..

What we weren't expecting was the fuse board to fall off the wall!!

Thankfully Melvin (left) has a few good hands to help put it right!

Jim (Right) is our Truck driver from Kentucky!

And it's super hot with no place to build.. that'll be the truck then says I!

Kevin#2 comes down from the truss with Allman LD Pappy holding anchor.

Today's 'Poe's in the Truck'.. does it measure up?

With a bunch of games around the boys get competitive!

Even Jimmy slam dunks a hoop!

The day grows cooler and evening meal is served....

The seafood platter came with Steak and Lobster!

Did we feel spoiled? 

You bet!!

And the evening got a little darker so I ventured a light show...

And the post show drink comes courtesy of the man in the booth..

With fire pits for toasting marsh mallows!

Paul and I hang and enjoy...


Anonymous said…
Pip Helix says:
Photo title suggestion: Still Life with Musicians and Lemons

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