Charlotte.. What a web we weave! 31/09/13

And so, we find ourselves at the last gig... already?

Time flies when you're having fun... 

The Allman Brothers band and crew have made us feel part of the family.

Pappy gives the lighting peeps what for! Kevin#1, Chris, Kevin#2 look to blame Adam, MrVideo Wall.

And the Drum tech's get things ready.. Stixx (right ) in fine form!

And here's Gregg's man Dave shooting the Prog Rock breeze with yours truly... 

Stop thief!

The Brazilians steal Photographer MrScarlati's tennis ball, those scoundrels.

Meanwhile Jet speeds to the rescue on his skateboard.. Captured by Joe and his Lomo fisheye!
Is Booth sun worshiping again?

Joe explains photography to Anthony Scalati.. oops

Derek stops by and spreads big love with the gang :)

A true southern lady, Eugenia is a huge fan of the Allmans and has enjoyed every show!

 And it's show time.. Steve then The Allman's and our boys last time to boogie!

Paul and Richard 'Feel Like Breaking Up Somebodies Home'..

While Jose and Cafe say  'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl'

Gregg and Steve.... Bostin!


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