Darien Lakes, Firsta date with the Allman Brothers 23/08/13

 It's day one of our run with the Allman Brothers and no time for jet lag!

Business as usual as the boys plug in to cyberspace....

This tour we shall be host a new feature 'Poe's in the Truck'.

Where tour legend JetPoe simply poses in the truck.

Today a simple stroll from the nose.

Darien Lakes Performing Arts FOH with a little Grand MA2 console me to play with..

I'm also introduced to Pappy, Allman Brother LD and Chris his assistant.

Pappy gives me a hard time later, however when he finds out I do audio too.. good job I can run!

It's time for load in, and here The Idiots struggle with their only fan...Don't drop it!

"Oh look it's another B3" says Steve's Hammond, whilst awaiting set up.

"Cool your boots, that belongs to Gregg Allman" says I!

The Lonely Cafe… can I have a cappuccino please?

At this point a hint of the dreaded jet lag is kicking in, more water and we're set.

Meanwhile, Richard sits in the back lounge and beats some sense into one of the stupid cushions…

And just like 'Where's Wally' ….
You are invited to play 'Where's the Idiot"..

The show goes down really well and we're off and loaded by 8.30pm.

We're grateful for that as gravity and Father Time are making their presence felt.


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