North Sea Jazz fest is a besty fest! 13/07/13

This could be Rotterdam or anywhere, anywhere or Rome....
But actually it is Rotterdam and the mighty North Sea Jazz Festival..

Cafe wastes no time and get his groove on whilst Bo's red wagon sits silently behind, watching...

And patiently waiting for load in... it's iPhone time with JT and Bo...

Load in is smooth as silk, especially as we're kicking off the days events.

Danny the stage manager and Natasha along with a fine bunch of locals make this experience even better.

Cafe finds some guys to play with backstage.

Richie sits in the back lounge and warms up.. 

Tonight however in the front row he spies someone in the same shirt, sacrilege!

And front of house is looking fine tonight!

I have a Whole Hog to play with while Mixmaster James takes a laptop in favour of his Venue console..

And mix up a storm he did!

The show rocks hard and the hall is packed with festival goers all ready for a hearty portion of Winwood!

With an automated chase set and my buddy Remko on the Hog I run to the stage to collect Jose guitar, and get ready for load out.

In fact we get our load out time down to 29 minutes!

Shaving 4 minutes off Berlin's best time...

Here Terry receives the Leslie with help from his relief driver Micky( left).
She joins us now to help on the long drives!

We show our appreciation over a case of Dutch wine..

And we have the rare privilege of being able to go catch some music.

Gary Clarke Jr and Chick Corea & the Vigil (pictured).. nice!


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