Lovely Dave's Happy times festival of Hard Rock...Wiesen, Austria 06/07/13

Yes it's a day full of hard rocking vibes with Austrian band Opus, Ex Deep Purple Bassist Nick Simper and Roger 'Family' Chapman all taking the stage before Steve and the guys.

The back stage area is filled with old train carriages which are used as dressing rooms.

Even the walkway to catering is something to behold!

We waste no time in getting our dose of free wifi..  

Reverse baseball cap is mandatory, unfortunately JT misses the memo!

We get the side stage for our big build with Nick Simper busting out some classic Purple!! 
Bo and I are loving it!! 

In fact so much so that Bo cracks his shin and has to seek medical assistance. 

Thankfully there's an abundance of rubber gloves and ice!

Steve catches a bit of he old buddy Roger's set.

And with all our gear on risers ready for the quick change we hit catering for stroganoff!

Steve hits the stage with the guys and quickly win the crowd.

They love it! And the band play a busting set! 

I'm a Man into Forget  hits hard .. as does Low Spark into Light up. 

Side stage is filled by the days performers and forthcoming artists who rally to catch the man himself.

Lovely Day isn't it?


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