Das Tennis Openluhchttheater Rivierenhof, Antwerp 10/07/13

The day starts with some excitement for JT and Jose.

It's apparent that the entrance of the out door theatre is in fact large enough for tennis!

Trucker Terry hits the stage with his favourite band shirt, he tells me their best album is called Meat the Eatles.. good stuff.

With sound check done it's time to programme the lights with Kurt and his lovely ChamSys console.

The sun is high and temperature warm so Richard hits the seats.


Belgium wrote Mr.Kipling and an exceedingly dinner!

The sausage salad seems to make Andy the bus driver seems very happy.

Dressing room fun times with high-speed iPad user and sax virtuoso Paul Booth.. 

Masterclasses available.

Our local support Sir Yes Sir warm up the crowd nicely.. and they really have filled up every space including the steps!

The load out is fun times as Joe explains the the finer points of cricket.


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