Cigano Lugano - Estival! 04/06/13

With the sound of Zurich still ringing in our ears we're off to Lugano, the jungle of Switzerland according to Benjamin.

After a couple of hours we arrive and jump off the bus and pile in to the hotel.

Our no show day is spent recouping….

But it's soon morning and the Lugano Jazz Festival starts today..

With the sun shining hard Bo and I hit the lake for a jog followed by a hearty breakfast.

The venue is the town centre plaza and it's beautiful.

Andy gets very excited, especially as he's a lover of heat!

The stage is ours and the we struggle up a massive steep ramp with our cases.

The build goes well and a small crowd gathers just in time for Soundcheck.

James sorts his world at front of house..  

He debates the finer points of TV broadcast as tonight it's all live!

And sound check is a swift one as  plaza is beginning to heat up.

Now we have a rather long space until show time.

Paul, Richard, Cafe and I hit the deli for some fine eating!

And it's time for Pedelo's.
Bo and Paul go first followed by JT and Joe..
Followed by Bo and Paul taking out a speed boat!

This free festival draws quite a crowd and every swiss rocker enjoys a hearty portion of maximum Winwood!!

I get to hang side stage and keep an eye on things and waste no time in capturing some classic moments.

JT deep in Guitar tech land just Steve and the band launch into  before Had to Cry... wicked stuff!

Load out is a mixed bag with excellent help from Oliver and Ed and Alberto!

While Swiss Tom keeps texting his girlfriend .. but we get there.. 3 am and we're off!


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