Amager Bio Copenhagen 16-17/06/13

And so we arrive mid afternoon in wonderful Copenhagen.

Here we say farewell to our bus and driver Andy, safe travels!

It's a clear case of dump and run.... we are hungry men!

On our way back from a spot of food Joe and we stumble upon the National Museum, 
unfortunately it's closed..

However after breakfast on Tuesday we stomp over and and witness an incredible collection of Viking artefacts.

Including some of Joe's actual ancestors!!

Meanwhile back in the lobby we jump in the mini bus and are driven to the Amanger Bio by Harry.

Load in  is a bit wobbly but with good Viking help we get there, thanks Kenneth and Co!

Jet gets a slammin' for the line check.. oh yes!

Denmark may be famous for Vikings, beer and bacon but it's also home to excellent pro audio too!

Here James is joined by Jesper from TubeTech and Bo from DPA Microphones..

Tonights show utilises a little magic from each... and what magic!

With all that done it's time to collect the band from the hotel for sound check.

Amager Bio owner, Peers shows up and we spend a moment catching up.

He invites us back to Cafe Soren post show for drinks, which we gracefully accept - and look forward to!

Some post sound check jamming and the vibe is hot! 

The pre show vibe is studious and focused.. 

The venue is baking hot, I dim my lights to 70%.

Jacob, the house lighting guy is able to refocus a couple of lights, which helps...

The venue isn't the only thing that's hot, the playing is hot too.. wicked hot! 

So we hit Peers' fabulous bar after the gig for some fine company and great Red Beer!

After some excellent hospitality and fine beverages it's soon time to hit the hotel.. 

We run into some of John Legend's band and crew, some of whom we met at North Sea Jazz.

They extend a warm welcome and invite us to join them and their burgers!

With full bellies and big smiles it's time for bed.


Anonymous said…
Thank you all for giving us such a memorable night - indeed on a hot summernight. Bonus for me and my friend was when Steve and JT entered the cafe after soundcheck and before the show, where we were having a bite to eat. Never have we been so close to Steve Winwood - In fact we were more or less speechless. I got myself a souvenir though - 300 Danish kroner ;-)
IngeP said…
What a fantastic thing if SW turned up again in Amager Bio in July 2017 -
It is definitely About Time ;-) Fingers crossed!

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