A night at the Admiralpalast, Berlin 12/07/1

A rare yet serene moment pre load in.. Joe ponders on the Cricket.

But what's this.. Bonnie Raitt was here...!! 

Where's Manny?

And just enough time for a bite of tasty soup before load in.

Ladies and Gentlemen... The loading bay!

And stage is set just a moment before Klaus (far left) takes the crane and Jesse from Glasgow(in red) flashes for focus of the lighting rig.. and the locals hang the drape. Busy, busy.

Meanwhile Jose enjoys the wonderful acoustics of the venue..

The Rise of the Idiots.

And showtime..

The audience are out of control!

After Can't Find my way Home Steve found it hard to give the customary speech.

They really showed their appreciation of an excellent show....

Worthy of note was Steve's blistering solo in Light Up!


La Cabane du PĂȘcheur said…
and what a concert it was, loved every minute of it; thanx for all the energy !!

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