5-4-3-2-1.. GLAST-OFF!!! 29/06/13

So with a few days between gigs it's back to work for most of us.

I had a school concert to prepare for in Chew Valley...

I was also charged with attaining some crucial bus stock and a present for a certain JT whose Birthday falls on the 29th..

Thanks to my friend Tom at Butcombe the right golden amber liquid was bought!

And it's Saturday morning already! 

We meet Andy our Hungarian-German driver.  

It appears he is blessed with a sense of humour so dry you could strike a match off it.. he'll do just fine!

And we're all up front for the journey, I take point to help with directions.

The festival site is a bit gruelling, and it takes some time to get in. 
When we arrive at our appointed place... we're sent from one side of the enormous site to the other. 
We pass strangely clad festival people and stewards alike.. 
We arrive at the dust bowl.....

Jose get's straight to it and get's himself a shirt..

We get to work after a spot of Welsh cuisine and chocolate fudge cake.

Building as the Proclaimers proclaim that they're gonna be..

I spot a raised arm moving forwards and back above the crowd and realise my friends Phil & Bex and their kids have arrive for the show..

This is Toms last gig with us and his first taste of a Festival.... All the best buddy!

And we're on for the quick turn around!

The tent is full, everyone enjoying the fine sound of Mr.Winwood & Co.

And at front of house I'm joined by a very happy Michael Eavis who has come to check out the man himself... Funtimes!

And it's back to the bus with James for a few pints before we begin our journey to Switzerland.


Chay said…
Michael Eavis has forgotten his moustache - again!
Rick Payne said…
hey man
looking good!

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