We've been expecting you Mr.Poe, now onwards onto Cambridge and the Corn Exchange! 16-17/06/13

Welcome back to the UK a very recently wed Mr. Poe.... Congratulations Sir!

And all is celebrated over a fine pork roast and pint of ale.

But not long before we have to get to it and meet Terry our new driver to pack the truck for our first show in Cambridge.

It seems like no time at all has passed since Big Jim and The Jerv are rocking their consoles at front of house.

Young Tom is off to cut his teeth on his first show.. at this point he's behind my camera. 

 Bo getting a whistle on whilst setting up his stall.

Although later he's subjected to some consternation regarding payment for merchandise.

That's when the whistling stops!

The band are sounding well tasty and groovalicious.. 

And it's time for  "Guess the Speciality Beer" with Joe Summers..

Thankfully for us the cheese labels have not been removed!

Here come the kids.. ready to rock and bop..

In amongst the crowd is John for Amptown, Clive The Hammond and Simon and Mark from Musictrack

All of whom thoroughly enjoy the Man at work.

The Guv'nor rocked the joint... 


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