Shepherds Bush Empire of the Fun! 20/06/13

This is the Voice of the BBC... well it's JT at line check actually..

But who's this at sound check? It's Roscoe P capturing video..

And who is this helping check the PA?

It's Daisy!! 

Hanging with Daddy at front of house...such a cutie!

Mummy escapes the camera.. this time....

Bo proves a big hit with the ladies..

Welcome the lovely Kate and Em - Joe's Girlfriend and sister respectively.

And my lovely friends Clare and William D Drake arrive.. and boy are they in for treat.

And the front line look menacing tonight they are quite literally going to blown way!

Moments before the show and Matt checks the forecast.. it looks good for rocks sake!

In a previous life he was Mr.Lights for the Steve.. I am in supremely good hands.

And the roof is RAISED!!!! 


baz3333 said…
You were right Jason we were truly blown away! See you in Nargate and Raleigh.
Anonymous said…
Pip Helix said...

Baz, I can see you in front of the stage!

Won't be seeing the show until Hartford, but as usual, I'm enjoying the blog. Daisy is adorable. :-)

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