Brighton Dome and the War of the Refuse Collectors 19/06/13

And so after a Tuesday moment of rest and a sunset wander with JT and Cafe it's morning and a bus ride to Brighton!

But what a load of RUBBISH!!!

Actually it appears the refuse collectors are stiking and this pic shows just the thin edge of the wedge...

However we dwell not upon the problem but get down to business.

Joe Summers sitting pretty for gig number 2 of his support run... 

And just enough time to hit the mean streets and find some noodles before show time.

Now choose your weapon!

Just before the show I get chance to catch up with some dear friends,
Sharon , I haven't seen for twenty years and Rowan just three..

It's showtime with all guns blazing for Winwood & Co's second explosive outing.

But before we know it's time for a nightcap and.. bedtime!

Good night Brighton...zzzzzzzz


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