Who stole Houston? 28/12/12

T- minus 1 and counting... Houston you are cleared for take off!

Although we're not really.. it's a little wait before we can load in..

Time for a family photo?

I think Kenny and Bo may be related...

Load eventually happens with a rather fetching folk lift, nice!

Stage is set and into the sound check....

Then I get Kelly for her first focus and the mighty Torr to help with all my lighting needs.

Just enough time to eat and take 5 with Bobby Long..

Before we know it .. it's showtime!

Jet? JET? 


Wake up! 


And Houston rock out, with some whoops and hollers the last gig goes well.

And it's a speedy load out followed by drinks on the bus before we scatter.....


Anonymous said…
Pip says: Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jason!

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