Majestic Theater- Saint Antony couldn't find us, how could we find our way home? 27/11/12

And so as we climb the steps from the bus to enter the venue, James, JT and myself are greeting with a strange site. 

It appears one of the cast from Mad Max has been teleported to a wall in San Antonio..

Our initial strange experience is heightened by the fact that we enter what we asume is our theatre, only to be greeted by a tiny venue whose stage is complete with cannon!!

So it's with some great relief we enter the Majestic Theater and meet stage manager Ian to our ball rolling!

Kenny gets his Truck On.. and a huge amount of hands appear to empty it on the stage..

Ian's signature pony swaying to the sounds of Sunken Condos by Donald Fagen, a favourite of our PA mans.. 

And as sales soar our boys literally sell the shirts off their backs... 

Thing is I think they might be lady tee's....

Sound check sounding fine and I get chance to play with the lights..

The Governor gets his funk on and is blazing up the hammond today.. 

Look out San Antonio, you thought it was hot outside! 

And it's all over, we try once again to navigate the back stage area without getting lost... a bite of pizza and a quick shower and we're out of there!

And with a little time  to kill before we roll Richard, Paul, Bo, Bobby Long and myself head out for a post work drink...

We end up in a very quiet Karaoke bar where we actually all got up together to sing a favoured tune... 


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