War! Field? San Fransisco 10/11/12


It's a hometown gig for this Brazilian emigrate, more of that later...

                                                   Now read on. dot .. dot.. dot..

The Warfield theater, situated down town, with a rather fruity street life.

James and I go shopping and upon our return pass a line of tables populated by chess players, mmmm intalekchewall...

But soon enough it's off to work and we are joined by a very enthusiastic crew, Kim, Ron and Josh step forward..

And today the fabulous Wood Brothers start a run of shows with us.. great stuff!

I get to catch up with my old friend Jane, another emigrate, this time from the West Country...

And it's show time....

Thanks to Josh's carefully laden Hog my show is bang on the money and I really get into it...

So much so that during Fantasy I press a special button and discover a very 'art noir' look!

The show was an absolute storm.. the crowd lapping up every morsel.

And it's time to 'Grab the Cheese!' 
Today's cheese was brought to us by a fine bunch of catering ladies, whose head chef came wearing horns!

This place set the bar extremely high with their quality foodstuff... where else would you find a portobello mushroom filled with quintoa.... 

Neto's big boy Pablo brought his fiance, Page.. who had a great time.

Pablo got the royal treatment from James and consequently missed this photo op.

And the streets of San Fransisco are lined with fan's waiting on their idol .. 

James hit's the bus and it's time to leave..

The sound of the crowd still rocking in our ears.


Anonymous said…
Pip Helix says: The crowd really did go beserk after every song that night. Much more so than in NY and NJ even. The sound was great, and Steve's organ solos were particularly energized.

And actually, although your heart was probably in your throat at the moment, the spot blacking out created a nice effect, with the band in silhouette against a green light backdrop. I thought it looked cool!
Ah, those paper plate-fulls of cheese leaving The Warfield...I guess the crack isn't the only thing that's good in The Tenderloin!

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