See Saw it's McCaw, Seattle 12/11/12

It's up and early to make sure lighting is dealt with early and Candy helps with that.

High in the concrete encased girders live wee beasties, nice!

We drop the truck early and wander over to catering to find a guy who was working the night of our cook-out at the Gorge, 2008!

So we take our fill of black bean burger and crack on with setting the stage.

Neto hangs in the dressing room and makes sure he has the perfect vantage point, just in case Cafe creeps up on him to give him a little tickle..

Jet takes a wander and finds Cafe who's waiting for his tickle moment.

And before we know it.. the show's run and the kids are all rocked out from another cracking performance.

Just enough time to catch a photo with old friends... 

Mike Shrieve earlier and captured here Jovino Santos Neto!


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