Medicated 'Medford' Goo - Remembrance Sunday

And so we hit Medford, Oregon for our first no-show day...

Plans are made and Steve, JT and Joe get a Hike on!

The remainder of us decide to crash the mall!

Richard and I both find very similar jackets....

While Steve, Jet and Joe find the Tabletop Mountain... Ooooh NICE!

Paul and Bo run into trouble around the fishing & hunting section of the mart...

 Meanwhile Steve, Jet and Joe walk back to hotel to round their night off with a trip to the Pictures.

And we end up in a homely Appleby's, where we're made to feel like part of the family.

Thanks Jennifer and Beccy and a few good locals!


Anonymous said…
Pip Helix says: "Jethro" and "Billy Bob" are priceless. Leave it to you guys to have that much fun in a mall!

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