Lunch at the Greek, LA 16/11/12

And what a lunch it was! The walk to catering may well have left us feeling giddy but the home cooked food left us sated!
Best catering so far thanks to a couple of Scot ex-pats.

Full and waiting for the stage everybody takes the opportunity to catch up on things..

And shortly we get a visit from an old friend.

Welcome back into the truck MrRichard Tyler Greene and Junior.

Was really great to see him and catch up, nice one brother!

And it's soundcheck observed by Mr.Johnson Somerset and  Wood Brothers' F.O.H. engineer and T.M. Heeeeeeerrrrreeeee's Kenny!

And the show hit's the Greek like a whirlwind.. they really get down to it too!

Probably the wildest audience since we started out, they loved it.. 

It's the last show of the season the crew are all in great spirits and load out goes well....

And there are a few guests backstage too, including said Johnson, Phil Chien and Wayne Jobson.


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