Happy Birthday Portland James.. 14/11/12

And so todays adventures of Portland Billy Joe!

'Feeling pretty pumped right now!' whispers Joe, 'Let's Jive'

Meanwhile back at the base..... Booth finds a new horn.

Yep it's a long horn with exceptional blue notes.... Parp parp!

 And it appears that the secret is out.. Cafe is a male nurse... Doctor, doctor my stage is on fire!

And soundcheck provides a calipso happy birthday for James....Get on it!

And it's Live asian cuisine tonight... Shrimpy, shrimp, orange blimp served with noodles..from a factory in Shanghai?

A great show with a lively bunch too, the kids went wild...

Load out is sweet with Katie and Justy'Poo who were a riot to work with!

Then we end the night with a couple of GIANT bottles of beer... sweeet!

Happy Birthday James x


Anonymous said…
Pip Helix says: Aw, what a nice group shot with the cake. Happy Birthday, James!

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