From V&A to L&V.. 8/11/12

And so a motley crew assemble in London for a little soiree before we hit the tour.. Say hi to Mr.Turner and young Twm!

Moments later Simon was seen to bust a move...

Ross and Mr. Youngling also made an appearance, although somehow managed to miss my various camera's..

And we're at heathrow, Yotel stylee..... thankfully no-one packed a cat.

But who's this guy?

Certainly not bent out of shape at the election results.. oh no he's no Sad Cafe!

And moments before we board we have our last beverage, Happy Birthday Richard!

And 17 hours after awakening in our Yotel Pods we arrive in Vegas.. 

Look out Joe, she's got a gun!!!!

So we hit our hotel... and crash the strip for an evening meal and try to stay awake until bedtime... some 24 hours later.....zzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said…
Pip Helix says: James has begun drinking IN the shower? But it's only the beginning of the tour! Pace yourself, man. :-)

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