Fox Theater, Tuscon 18/11/12

It's Sunday and it actually feels like it.

Being out on the road as we are, you're never quite sure what day it is... but not today!

Desiree, Stacey and Lou are our guys for load in, Chip also lends a hand but misses the photo!

Soon after setting the stage Kenny's son Canen arrives with an old Harley for refurb.

Just time for line check before the band arrive to check..

Jet kicks out the beat, jam hot!

And oops, someone's feeling the weight of our schedule.

Yes it's been tough but we rock on!

The gig is all about the theater and talk is all about it's upkeep and the town's 'modern street car'...
Exciting stuff!

A wicked show and we're on the bus before we know it!

After a bus load of band and crew clean up first of course... fighting fit!

And when we awaken we're in New Mexico.. 

But what's this RV doing in the pound...Bad, breaking bad!


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