SouthPark Boston! 02/06/12

Another rainy day in a different city... As we get closer to the end it looks like more home style weather!

I get chance to catch up with some buddies after soundcheck.

Great to catch up with you guys, Chris from Fishman and Nick from Izotope.

Antonio gets all his goodies together as the Spearhead show comes to an end..

Time for the sweet poetry of change over!

And it's front of house time.. James gets his LED torch ready..and thanks to 

A wild set ensues with the kids really going for it tonight..

Nick joins me at front of house for most of the set.

And we pack up and hit the dressing rooms for a soothing glass of Ahhh.

After excess moisture and a day of 'hat' Bo displays his barnet.

Jet is confused and keeps asking for Bobby! And wants to know where he put the money..??


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