Mountain Jam and Toast! 03/06/12

Our wake up call comes early and after just a few hours of sleep we hit breakfast before an 8am load in.

An early load in with a late show does have it's benefits...

Time to wonder around the site, get some bunk time and make sure all the packing is done!

Bo and Joe's mega Tee Shirt hunt continues and  Joe strikes it lucky with 2 for $15...

Although our morning started sunny it soon started raining!

Joe get a sprinkle on his way back with water...

And it's time to get fed! Steve and Eugenia stop for smiles.

The crew in caps....although I have since misplaced mine.

I will be popping in to my local friendly outdoor shop Summit to replace it.

Jet finally accepts Bobby's not coming and starts rolling towels.

We miss you Levon Helm.

And show time at last!

Thanks to Hans my specials are focused whilst I'm still on Stage making sure everything is in the right place.

Warren Haynes, organiser of the festival joins the band for Gimme Some loving and very effortlessly sits in the mix playing very tasteful guitar!

And we're packed with thanks to some great hands like Leo and Rory.

Just time for a quick pose for the 'Kings of the Pack' Go Go and your truely..

And it's a run to the bus and a short ride before we disperse home.


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