Home again.. Until next time! 07/06/12

The Coach ( thanks Bo) stops outside our Newark Hotel and The Brazilian Quarter disembark along with Paul, Richard, Bo, Joe and Jerv...

The remainder head south with some sidewalk antics to follow!

We're only here a few hours, just time to make sure our baggage isn't overweight.

There'll be no more tears for Bobby long..

No witnessing strange conversations with technology..

No more poolside antics Mr Booth, when it's not bucketing down mind you!

And no more attracting attention from men with my 60's Yashica medium format camera..

Special thanks to:-

 West Hill Pharmacy for rushing to get my meds because I left it til last minute, you rock!

Hayley and her team at Costco for sorting my specs out with days to spare, 
again another last minute Jervin'!

Steve Carman who lives out the back of PMT in Bristol. 
His dedication meant we had a whole brace of top quality cables in time for tour!
And boy are they the best ;)

And everyone else who made this tour as great as it was! 

Thanks team Winwood!

Until next time..

Keep on Running!!


Pip Helix said…
This blog is such fun, I'm sorry to see it go - for now. It's obvious that you all work really hard while on tour. Steve is lucky to have a great bunch of guys, band and crew, to tour with -but I'm sure he knows it. Enjoy your in-between tour time with all your projects, Mr. Busy. :-)
Anonymous said…
I second Pip, Jason you are our connection to the inner sanctum, and you know what you got to do (inception dude)... you know what I mean... the weight was so refreshing by the way....

see you next time...

Emperor forever...

Pip Helix said…
Berkin, nagging Steve about the "demands" of a small group of fans, no matter how devoted, is not in his job description! Let the man have a rest. ;-P
Anonymous said…
Neto, tira essa camisa!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the glimpses behind the scenes. It was amazing seeing you set up in Nashville--such a smooth crew! (No mention of the mystery Nashville crew member--tallish,with dark-rimmed glasses--who literally ran back and forth across the stage with equipment in between sets? Must have been a local guy.) Already looking forward to the next tour.
depe gc said…

mampir ya gan:)

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