Can U Dig it Candaigua? 01/06/12

After a day of rest in Lancaster ending in a big ole family chow at Dinosaur BBQ!

What great food!

 So we hit Canadaguia and it's a wet day load in is quick and one of the loaders, Kate asks if I like camo!

We're soon set up and Jet reflects on the past times with Bobby Long..

Summers also shares a moment for Bobby.. although with a tang more bitterness as Bobby stole his hat!

On with sound check and I have Kate up in the rigging focusing...

Uncle Richie slams home a beat to drive on Higher Love.

And Pearly Queen is sounding sweet!

Showtime and it's time to welcome back the Spearheaders! 

Our first of three gigs..

Still raining and pouring, the kids all huddle to escape the downpour..

Light up spread a bit of extra heat thanks to the blinders.

We're all loaded up and it's time to hit the showers..


Pip Helix said…
"My spring water! Mine, mine, all mine! Back off!"

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