And so with Dawn a forgone conclusion and a belly full of hens teeth, Mix Master and yours truly await the arrival of a flight case...

With some aplomb James and I transfer the contents of our old stage rack into our new improved Amptown case..

And it's on to the next thing, a broken down truck!

It's one of those days.. :)

Finally Ross, James and I pack the replacement truck ready for delivery at the big top electric jazz fest!

Before we know it we're loading in and our new boys are being put to work!

With help from Amy and co we're set and sound checking.

With a few lighting bugs ironed out with help from Dave..

The show is on and the big top raised that little bit!

Dave went side stage and took this shot.

So load out was a tough one as the heavens decided to open leaving Jo, Bo, James, Ross and Jerv all having to work that much harder to fill our truck!

And just as it's packed we're passed by all the catering staff... looks like we missed dinner!


baz3333 said…
Thanks Jaon looking forward to your reports. You are abou to meet some of the maniacas (Paul Booth being one of us)on the tour. Say hi to them all from me please. I am afraid I am going to miss ou on this tour. Would you believe I fly into Atlanta on 15th when you are Chicago and fly out of Chicago on 19th when you are in Atlanta!!! Wonder if Randall makes an appearance?????

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