Portsmouth Arbour? 22/05/12

We open the doors of the tour bus onto a blue sky.
Refreshed after a rest day filled with swimming, shopping and cinema behind us, it's off to work!

Welcome to Portsmouth, there's even a port!

So hit the load in then a spot of lunch before sound check!

However it has to be delayed thanks a storm approaching… batten down the hatches, tarp on the gear lads!

Even the local news team decide to land!

Finally it wains and it's back in the high life again….which makes onto the set for tonight!

But who's this hunk?

Why it's Jimmy 'The Sound' T, our captain in a crisis!
Award winning maestro of the console. 
He takes no prisoners and always carries his signature cricket bat into settlement. 
Make sure you get your figures are right...
Go Jimmy Go!

And it's time for the main attraction.. 
All is darkening as we're joined by Cal at front of house...
I have a fun light show as I can barely see my board!
Thankfully the roadie in me always carries a torch ;)

Meanwhile the boys get involved in a post show game of chess!

I enjoy the piece of carrot cake I put aside earlier.

Richard, Paul and JT chat away.

Actually JT's folks attended this show but I missed them due to load out... sorry guys, all the best!


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